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We are a team of certified teachers and specialists in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, with extensive experience in teaching courses, developing programs and teaching materials for teaching Spanish as a foreign language and for Spanish for specific purposes.


Our main objective is to convey and spread the Mexican and Latin American language and culture to people interested in learning and experiencing them in an immersion program, through a friendly and intuitive environment and a communicative methodology, always taking into account our great diversity of students’ different needs and learning styles and pace, in the comfort of their facilities or main place of action (home, business, etc.).


We have different types of courses, adapted to the diverse needs of our students.

  • Tailor-made Spanish course
  • Spanish for companies / businesses
  • Spanish for diplomats
  • Spanish for Brazilians
  • Spanish for Asian students
  • Conversation in Spanish on Skype


Tailor-made Spanish course


It is the most flexible of our courses, since a personalized program is tailored based on each student’s particular needs. The course is planned with the student, according to their times, preferences, personal concerns and with an emphasis on the skills they want to develop / train.

Spanish for companies / businesses


Specific courses oriented to the world of commercial relations and knowledge of intercultural aspects that facilitate the understanding of the language in that field. It is about offering established programs for this type of courses, as well as adapting them to the particular needs and requirements of the company in question, or the needs of its own staff, facilitating both the vocabulary and grammatical structures, as well as sociocultural aspects in context.

Spanish for diplomats


The programs for this type of courses are oriented towards the knowledge of socio-cultural, political-economic aspects in a national scope, as well as their connection with the international scope. It is about preparing the diplomatic students in the strengthening of skills that allow them to develop and interact in a Hispanic context. Both vocabulary and grammatical structures, and sociolinguistic aspects oriented to knowledge of the national / Latin American context are offered. At the same time, the special needs of the particular diplomatic staff are taken into account in order to make the necessary adjustments to the program.

Spanish for Brazilians


Course oriented to students of Brazilian origin. Course that focuses on the specific difficulties of these students: phonetic aspects and syntax of specific aspects of the language. This course also proposes a contrastive analysis between Portuguese and Spanish that allows the students’ awareness on learning of Spanish, taking into account the learning pace of each student.

Spanish for Asian students


Course oriented to students of Asian origin. This course addresses the specific difficulties of these students; therefore, we propose above all, a focus on phonics and oral expression, taking into account each student's own pace, different learning styles and cultural references of that region.

Conversation in Spanish on Skype


One hour of Spanish conversation on the days required to reinforce your Spanish in a practical and fun way. The emphasis is on the pragmatics and its relationship with the cultural and social context of Mexico and Latin America, as well as the student's communicative difficulties.

Meet the directors

Ana Lidia Escobar


Teacher of Spanish for foreigners for 14 years at CEPE-UNAM-Polanco, has taught courses at all levels. Degree and specialty in Language and Culture from the UAM-I. Certified in the Spanish Teacher Training Diploma at CEPE-UNAM. Master in Linguistics Applied to Spanish by the University of Jaen, Spain. Author of the paper: "Strategies for the development of listening comprehension in Spanish" in the First Internal Colloquium of CEPE-Polanco in 2015.


Ana Lidia is accredited as a SIELE (International Assessment Service for the Spanish Language) grader for the Written Expression and Interaction Test, as well as for the Oral Expression and Interaction Test. Creator of Spanish programs for specific needs. Academic Coordinator of the Teaching Center for Foreigners at CEPE-Polanco for 9 years. Ana Lidia is passionate about archeological sites because of their beauty and history; she loves running in the woods and adores animals, especially cats. Her favorite hobbies are cinema, listening to world music and reading stories.

Julieta Bueno Valerio


She is currently a teacher of Spanish for foreigners at CEPE-UNAM. In 2005, she obtained a certificate as a teacher of Spanish as a Second Language at the same institution. From that time to date, she has acquired enough experience working as a teacher for different schools and universities such as "La Salle", among others, and also as a teacher of private classes for travelers, researchers, executives of multinationals, ambassadors, diplomats, etc. Her main field is the teaching of Spanish for adult foreigners at basic and intermediate levels.


In 2006, she made a short stay at ESELA (Extension School of CEPE-UNAM in Los Angeles, California, USA) to train as a Spanish teacher for Americans and Chicanos. She has collaborated in Spanish language publications of CEPE as a designer and editor and has also participated in colloquia with the presentations "The game within the Spanish classroom" and the "Infographic for the making of materials". Julieta is also accredited as a SIELE (International Assessment Service for the Spanish Language) grader and designer of assessment tasks for the Written Expression and Interaction Test, as well as for the Oral Expression and Interaction Test.


She obtained her bachelor's degree as a Graphic Communication Designer at UAM, and later she completed a master's degree in Creativity for Design at the National Institute of Fine Arts’  School of Design. Since she was young, she has always been interested in foreign cultures and languages. She is deeply attracted to the biodiversity and diversity of the world's culture; she is passionate about plants and their medicinal and culinary uses. She loves animals, cinema and design.


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